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Believe in Yourself and Be More Successful

self-help self-improvement 3 min read , March 13, 2020

To believe in yourself is important for many reasons - not just because you can be more successful in life.

Having a belief in yourself gives you the confidence to go after what you want in life. This is important for our psychological and emotional wellbeing. This is because we are generally happiest when we are in pursuit of the things we want.

I am going to give you something that has the potential to change your life immediately. Some people hold seminars and charge many thousands of dollars for this piece of information.

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Believe in Yourself - Without This Success is Impossible

The Holy Grail Of Believing In Yourself Is....

Your Mindset.

Most people fail to achieve their goals. Not because they don’t have the talent or ability, but because they have not properly adjusted their mindset to give them the results they want.

Many people's minds are unwittingly set to one of failure, and that is what they get - failure! And they get this failure time and time again throughout their lives.

A Lesson About Believing in Yourself

Sir Roger Bannister was the first person in the world to ever run a mile in less than four minutes.

During the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland Bannister failed to win a medal - even though he broke the British record for the 1500 metres.

Although disappointed with his lack of a medal, Bannister decided to become the first person ever to break the four-minute barrier for the mile.

He made the decision - he decided to decide.

This is a very important point which I must point out. He fixed his mindset on the outcome he wanted.

His focus was singular and his determination was unbreakable. He fixed his focus and mindset and began to believe he could be the first person to run a mile in under four-minutes.

At the time was believed the human body would not stand up to such punishment. Many believed the heart would be damaged as a result of the intense stress and pressure placed upon it while attempting the record time.

Nevertheless, in less than two years, on 6th May 1954 - Roger Bannister broke the barrier and set a World Record time of 3min 59.4 seconds!!!

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Develop An Unbreakable Belief In Yourself

Believe In Other People's Accomplishments

The interesting thing is just 46 days later on 21st June 1954 - this record was broken with a time of 3min 57.9 seconds.

Subsequently, 37 people ran the sub 4-min mile within 2 years of Roger Bannister breaking that record. A record that many had believed was unbreakable.

So, after Sir Roger Bannister had led the way, he gave many others the belief along with the visual evidence, that the sub four-minute mile was indeed possible.

That previous unbreakable benchmark is now seen as the qualifying standard for many athletic organisations around the world. The seemingly impossible is now common practice globally for all athletes.

The World Record time has been lowered by almost 17 seconds in the last 50 years.

Whatever you believe about yourself on the outside is what you will manifest on the inside

Help With Your Beliefs and Mindset

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